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 Puffs cast and crew poses for a photo during rehearsal.
Puffs Cast Exploding With Excitement Over Upcoming Performances
Leah Cororve, Reporter • October 18, 2022

The cast of the Harry Potter parody, Puffs, are very grateful for the friends they made throughout the production and the laughs they shared...

BeReal or BeFake
BeReal or BeFake
Meier Turboff, Reporter • December 1, 2022

When most students get their BeReal notification and start their two-minute timer, the fear that their BeReal will be “late” sets in, hoping...

The Astros’ fans come together to celebrate the 2022 World Series champions a,ong players.
Have the Astros Redeemed Their Reputation Since the 2017 Scandal?
Eli Karpas, Reporter • December 7, 2022

The Houston Astros cannot erase the stain of the 2017 cheating embarrassment, but the 2022 World Series championship team has reclaimed their...

The Emery/Weiner Football team.
2022 Fall Sports Wrap-Up
November 16, 2022
Why You Haven’t Heard About the “Red Wave”
Why You Haven’t Heard About the “Red Wave”
Mattox Friedman, Associate Editor • November 18, 2022

As political commentator Ben Shapiro put it, this midterm election went from “red wave to red wedding” (a reference to the tv show Game of...

Junior Audrey Hochglaube sits in the library waiting to enjoy her Chick-fil-A during snack.
What's the Beef with Chick-Fil-A?
Asher Deutsch, Reporter • November 28, 2022

Over the recent decades, Chick-fil-A has reshaped the American fast-food industry and taken the nation by storm. Fitting with Chick-fil-A’s rapid take-over, Emery has joined...

Board of JLC leading Rosh Hashanah festivities.
Kicking Off the Jewish New Year: Emery's Celebration of Rosh Hashanah
Jane Johnston, Reporter • October 20, 2022

Jewish families around the world prepared to celebrate the beginning of the Jewish new year this past Sept. 25-27. Rosh Hashanah is a special...