Emery’s Newest Sensation: Spikeball

Jenna Talisman, Reporter

Ever since the spikeball net was set up in the commons in January, Emery students of all ages haven’t been able to stop playing the game. 

Inspired by volleyball, spikeball is a two-on-two game in which a player serves the ball onto a hula-hoop sized net, and teams have to rally in order to keep the ball up off the ground in order to continue the point. A team is allowed three hand touches in mid-air before they spike it back onto the net. The objective of the game is to spike the ball and hope the opponent can’t return the hit. After the serve, the rallies can get intense as players have the freedom to move anywhere around the net to retrieve a ball in play. 

Since its arrival on campus, the popularity of the game has risen steadily.  “I think the hype comes from the fundamentals of the game and the community aspect of it,” senior Aaron Karchmer explained. “Since you need 4 people to play, it becomes fun that way and spreads fast.” The senior boys in particular have made the game a viral sensation. An organized tournament was inevitable. 

“There is a spikeball tournament happening right now at Emery. The semi-finals are happening, and it’s exciting my team made it this far. Teams of two compete against each other to 15 and advance in the bracket,” Karchmer said. 

“My team consists of me and Aaron Karchmer, and we’re really excited to be competing against Ethan Schaeffer and Kian Bobrow,” senior Avi Moses said. 

Although the game is popular, the game is not ready for inclusion in Emery’s athletics. 

“I would love to see a pro spikeball team, but I don’t think Emery is ready for its own team because the sport is still very small and considered to be casual in the eyes of many,” Karchmer elaborated. It isn’t big enough to compete against other schools, but the seniors spend lots of their Flex Time playing spikeball.