Will YOU Accept This Rose?


Jenna Talisman, Reporter

ABC’s “The Bachelor” premiered on Jan. 6 with 28 year old Delta Airlines pilot Peter Weber starring on the show’s season. Bachelor Nation, the show’s loyal following, may know Weber from his stint on the previous season of “The Bachelorette,” which featured Hannah Brown as that season’s bachelorette. Weber was a fan favorite and a pick to win Brown’s heart, but she sent him home on the episode preceding the final rose ceremony, making him an easy choice for the next season’s star. 

The show is designed for an eligible bachelor to date and select from a pool of 30 potential candidates, which is ultimately supposed to culminate in the engagement of a couple. The show does not always end in engagement, and in some seasons the bachelor goes home without a wife. 

Weber’s season has had its fair share of turbulence. Chris Harrison, the show’s host, has repeatedly said and posted on social media, “This season is the most dramatic one of all time.” Each episode airs on Monday, and it comes with a dramatic sneak peek at the following episode. In each promotion, Barbara Weber, Peter’s mother, is seen crying, “Bring her home to us,” which leaves fans guessing as to which woman she is referring to. 

Weber is down to his final two contestants, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett. Every season in the episode preceding the finale, the eliminated women from the show all come together and address what went wrong with the bachelor and other contestants on a live broadcast in what’s known as the “Women Tell All” episode. 

“The Bachelor” has picked up serious steam since airing in March 2002. Since last season, ratings have surged by 20 percent, and Weber’s premiere brought in over 6 million viewers. “It’s super entertaining and dramatic, and I’ve watched every season. I always get pulled back in because of the commercials and constant advertisement of the show,” senior Joelle Sokoloff explained. 

The ratings are still incredibly high, even with a large amount of drama this season. “I honestly think this season is a failure because Peter [Weber] has made tons of horrible decisions with the women and tends to enjoy the drama more,” Sokoloff said. 

Despite the drama, Emery seniors have embraced ”The Bachelor” since its January premiere. Senior and Bachelor fanatic Bz Graubart reached out to all of the girls in the senior class and started the tradition of a  “Bachelor” watch party every Monday. 

“We all take turns bringing dinner, and at the beginning of the show, we drafted our top five women that we thought would win the show. To keep up, there is a point system that Bz [Graubart] creates for each episode. It’s so fun to watch with my friends and discuss and laugh during the show,” senior Claire Lemel explained. 

Although the season has had its many twists and turns, “Bachelor” fans are still staying loyal to the show that captivates millions worldwide.