Emery Baseball’s Recruiting Hat Trick


Roffwarg (left), Mintz (middle), Blum (right) sign their letter of intents to play collegiate baseball

Seth Schwartzberg

On a historic day for The Emery/Weiner School, three students from the same team committed to playing college baseball next fall.  

Seniors Josh Blum (The University of Southern California), Max Roffwarg (Swarthmore College), and Alex Mintz (The University of Texas at San Antonio) shared an NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) signing ceremony in front of their families, the entire Upper School, and local television reporters in the Becker Theater on January 12.   

Describing his elation at joining this select group, Mintz said, “it was special and I could not have done it without the support from the Emery community, faculty and staff, and coaches.” Blum concurred, saying, “It’s a great feeling. We have all grown up together, and it is awesome to know that we all achieved our life-long dreams together.” In an interview with ABC13, Roffwarg said, “It was very special being up there with everyone and it shows what we do here at Emery”

Each young man gave enormous praise when asked what their time at Emery meant to them.   Mintz described it as “a tremendous mark left on me. I do not think I would be here today without them. If I would have gone anywhere else for high school, I do not think I would have been on that stage today.” 

Blum describes his relationship with the school as “changing him for the better, as both an athlete and a person.” 

Roffwarg said, “Emery has helped me so much, from the teachers to the faculty, and all the coaches, especially Coach Dado Rodriguez, Devin Brewer, and Jorge Cruz. They’ve not only taught me how to be a better player but also a better person and leader”

When asked about what they are most looking forward to next year playing ball in college, they all had very similar responses. Mintz said he was looking forward to “getting there in the fall and competing with everyone and showing the coach that I can play with these guys,” while Blum said that he “is ready to play ball and compete for some innings and show the USC coaches that I am ready.” 

Roffwarg’s feelings were similar, as he said, “I’m most looking forward to joining a new family and competing every day with them next year to try and win a national championship and excel in the classroom.”

Blum, Roffwarg, and Mintz are joining an exclusive club of Emery alumni who will be college athletes. Earlier this year, fellow classmates Aaron Berry (The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa) and Misha Berry (California Polytechnic State University) signed to play wheelchair basketball and tennis respectively. Aaron Berry described his relationship with the boys, saying, “I have been friends with Max and Josh for as long as I can remember and although I have not known Alex as long, I have formed a great friendship with him in my time at Emery,” while Misha Berry said, “It is so great to see other people succeed, as I know they also worked so hard. Everyone’s hard work paid off, and it’s such a wonderful accomplishment for all of us.”