Succession Returns for Season 3


Kendall Roy is bombarded by press after his press conference in the season premiere.

Joshua Costa, Reporter

HBO’s Succession returned from its two year absence with its long awaited third season this October. The season starts off with a bang, picking up right where the events of season two left off. The first couple of episodes depict the fallout following the season 2 finale and the shocking press conference from Kendall Roy, Logan’s second born and heir-apparent to Waystar Royco. The way in which the battle between Kendall and his father will pan out is evident early on in the season, however this season’s most intriguing storylines come from the dynamics within the Waystar Roy Company. 

Each season leading up to season three has highlighted one of the children of Logan Roy, the patriarch of the Roy family. The first season showcases Kendall (Logan’s first born), the second, Shiv (the only Roy daughter) and this season highlights Roman, whose character arc follows a similar trajectory to his siblings in the previous two seasons. Nevertheless, the trope stays with Roman and manages to add layers to a character who in previous seasons, “wasn’t a real person” according to his brother Kendall. 

This season also sees the climax of many storylines from the first two seasons. Most notably, the tension between Shiv and Tom Womscambs (Shiv’s husband and outsider to the family business) culminates in an explosive finale. In this season, Tom takes on a more important role than ever before, and thrives in his newfound spotlight. While he still delivers many of the show’s comedic moments, like in his relationship with Greg (a cousin of the Roy family) or his hilarious obsession with prison, he becomes a major player in the company and the show this season. While season three, in many ways, is Roman’s season to shine, it is also Tom’s. Tom becomes a true contender in this season and now poses a real threat to the Roy children.

Although many critics expected the premise to get played out after season one, Succession somehow manages to keep things fresh through season three. Succession fan and senior Leo Gerst says that this season was  “unique” compared to others as it was “less insular” and expanded on the family drama, hilarious relationships, and Shakespearean plot twists that made it so popular. Season three lives up to the seemingly insurmountable hype that surrounded the series in its two year absence.