Puffs Cast Exploding With Excitement Over Upcoming Performances


Jennifer Bauer-Conley

Puffs cast and crew poses for a photo during rehearsal.

Leah Cororve, Reporter

The cast of the Harry Potter parody, Puffs, are very grateful for the friends they made throughout the production and the laughs they shared during the process. 

When asked why he chose to commit to the long yet rewarding experience of participating in the Upper School play, cast member Ethan Canfield stated that he chose to join not only because of his love for theatre but due to “the bonds [he] made with [his] fellow cast members.” He went on to say that the cast “becomes like a family” and the rehearsals are filled with lots of “laughing, talking and cracking jokes.” 

Fellow cast member Evelyn Burt reflected on the same idea, emphasizing that she enjoys being a part of the “community the cast has built” and loves how “comfortable they are with one another.” 

Furthermore, Puffs is wildly different from the more serious plays Emery has put on in the past. Burt claims that “this is the first time [they] have ever done something so satirical.” She explains that she “is not very confident in comedy, and decided to push herself by doing this show.” The cast members explain that the satirical style in which the show is based makes putting on this performance a challenging task. However, the comedy that forms as a result of their hard work has Puffs cast bursting with laughter and makes the process feel so rewarding. 

The joy cast members experience daily during rehearsals is so enormous that it is noticed by director Jennifer Bauer-Conley as well. Bauer-Conley explains that her favorite part of directing the show is the cast themselves. She is constantly laughing because “they’re just so unbelievably funny.” She goes on to say that they are so comfortable with both the show and one another that they are “willing to make changes and try anything in the rehearsal room,” no matter how silly or ridiculous. 

Puffs has not only been a joy for the cast to put on, but the entertaining and whimsical show will be a joy to watch as well. The happiness of  Puffs is contagious. Anyone who is looking for a good laugh should come and watch. 

The cast of Puffs will open their show on Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. and will also have shows on Oct. 23 at 2 p.m., and Oct. 24, at 7 p.m.

Puffs Cast and Crew:

Marissa Bishop, Natalie Burdine, Evelyn Burt, Ethan Canfield, Lillian Curtrer, Teagan Fingeret, Joshua Fleishman, Audrey Hochglaube, Toby Kimberley, Brooke Lee, Alex Levy, Cortney Murray, Jack Paransky, Bella Phelps, Finn Robinson, Sage Rosenfeld, Gabby Samuels, Nina Teichman, Caden Warren, Grey Warren, Ellen Weinstein