Shabbat Across Emery: Casino Night


Mattox Friedman

Emery students celebrating Shabbat at JLC’s event.

Mattox Friedman and Reuben Kessler

Last Friday, Dec. 9, the Jewish Life Committee (JLC) put together their annual Shabbat Across Emery event through the theme of Casino Night. Upon Arrival, guests received five fake one-hundred dollar bills to spend at casino games, such as Roulette, Black Jack, and Texas Hold ’em. Once students finished playing the games, they could exchange their chips for raffle tickets in hopes of winning the grand prize: a $200 gift card to any Papa’s restaurant of their choice. In the end, Emery’s math teacher Amber Gaudet was awarded the grand prize, although everyone who participated went home with a smile on their faces.

Throughout the night, faculty, staff, and students lined up outside the basketball court to get their specialized cheese sandwiches from Twisted Grilled Cheese. Emery senior Jonny de Leef loved the food truck. “I had never heard of the restaurant before today, although I thoroughly enjoyed my smokehouse brisket grilled cheese sandwich,” said de Leef. 

The general mood around the event amongst high school students was highly positive, and many are looking forward to another Shabbat Across Emery soon. Emery senior, Grant Rothfeder, said, “It was a fun opportunity to celebrate Shabbat with my community… Although I didn’t win the grand prize, I had a great time playing the many games set up by my JLC.” 

Throughout the night, Emery students performed live music, such as seniors Jake Massett, Ethan Present, John Farrell, and Ezra Key-Cohen. They finished off the night around nine o’clock with “Best Part” by Daniel Cesar while the audience huddled together, bobbing their heads and moving their feet, before returning home to their studies in preparation for the following week of Midterms.