1 Show, 2 Show, Old Show, New Show

Kira Pevow, Reporter

In the most recent Emery/Weiner theater production, Seussical, the audience was transported to a world where clovers speak, and elephants can sit on trees. Based on Dr. Suess’s childhood story, Horton Hears a Who, the musical guides you on the journey of Horton, the elephant, and his efforts to save the citizens of Whoville because, as he states during the performance, “a person is a person no matter how small.” 

Between April 28 and May 1, the Becker Theater was filled with countless students, faculty, family, and friends of the various actors and tech crew. Sophomore Emmy Brounes notes that watching the show “was an amazing experience,” she goes on to say, “I loved being able to watch my sister’s performance alongside the other talented actors.” 

Seussical combined the talents of both the middle and high school collectively, allowing for many different actors of all ages and backgrounds to bond and grow together. Upper and middle schoolers are given buddies to enhance their mentor-mentee relationships with one another, a vital aspect of Emery theatre. The whole cast danced and sang together beautifully as one school, and one family, allowing for compelling storytelling and an overall beautiful show. 

Seussical captivated its audience with carbon dioxide blasts that took place underneath the stage and special lighting. The stage was covered with a mist of dazzling oranges, vibrant purples, and blues, which highlighted each character and their elaborate costumes. Senior and Production Stage Manager, Sage Rosenfeld, explained that the tech crew did this to “create an immersive experience for the audience and make Seussical a memorable show.” 

Not only was Suessical a memorable performance for the audience, but it was an incredibly meaningful experience for the cast and crew. As it was many beloved seniors’ last show, the cast was inspired to make this an unforgettable show. Freshman actress Nina Teichman explained, “[she] really wanted to give her best effort during her performances to ensure that the seniors knew how much they meant to the theater program.” 

In the artistic industry, performers are known for saving the best for last. This statement was proven true by the technical and musical talent shown in this theatre season’s final performance, Seussical, reminding us, once again, how lucky we are for the EWS theatre department.