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Theory Will Only Take You So Far

Theory Will Only Take You So Far
Universal Pictures

The long-awaited film, Oppenheimer appeared on the big screens this summer after its announcement nearly three years ago. I had the chance to watch Oppenheimer in IMAX, and my friends’ negative opinions were proved incorrect: I was entertained for the entire three hours.

Consisting of historically accurate events, an outstanding soundtrack, and an even better cast, this movie easily stands as one of the best produced of the year. Tackling a difficult subject like the atomic bombing, director Christopher Nolan formed a beautiful movie while also acknowledging the conflict of the Hiroshima bombing.

The movie follows the story of Robert Oppenheimer, 1940’s physicist who was assigned to build the first ever atomic bomb. Nolan illustrates his story through the use of striking special effects,depicting Oppenheimer’s mental state throughout his life. 

The cast of Oppenheimer consisted of incredibly talented actors, each individually performing at one of the highest levels in their career. Cillian Murphy, excelled as the main character, Oppenheimer, and Robert Downey Jr., who typically plays a heroic iron-man role, took on a rare antagonist role as Admiral Lewis Strauss who goes on to persecute Oppenheimer.

Christopher Nolan made a strong executive choice to steer away from violence by not showing the atomic bombing of Japan at all, even though many fans expected massive explosions.

One of the most insane scenes of the movie was the bomb testing scene in which they previewed the explosion without Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) for the main explosion. The explosion showed just how deadly the atomic bomb was.

I highly recommend Oppenheimer to anyone interested in history, or fascinated by sophisticated films that require careful attention. Nolan took such a difficult topic and made a historically accurate and entertaining film, and it is definitely worth your time!

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