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Emery’s Eclipse Experience


For the first time in almost 100 years, a total solar eclipse struck a path in North America that was easily accessible to students at Emery/Weiner. On Monday, April 8,  the Total Annular Solar Eclipse hit Waco, Texas, captivating observers with a unique spectacle. 

Emery provided a memorable experience for students during lunchtime on the day of the eclipse. Students were given eclipse glasses and invited to go outside and view the phenomena. In Rabbi Michael Morgan’s magic and mysticism class, students were given the opportunity to do something special and unique. Junior, Raya Weinstock recalls, “Rabbi Morgan had us cast a spell in honor of the eclipse. It was kind of weird at first, but it ended up being fun.” 

Despite the countless students who viewed the eclipse at school, a select few ventured to watch the eclipse in Waco. Jake Blumrosen, Emery sophomore, experienced the solar eclipse while hunting in the woods. Jake described, “For a little, everything was dark and silent, but then the frogs and crickets became really loud. I could hear everything around me, but it was almost pitch black.” 

The Syracuse University Stem program explains, “Common animal vocalists in evening choruses, such as frogs and crickets, may begin singing, while animals that vocalize during the daytime, such as most cicadas, may stop.” The complete blocking out of the sun confuses many nocturnal animals, waking them for the rest and causing the nightlife to appear during the day. 

In the heart of Texas, many students and faculty made the drive to Waco and see the eclipse at its totality. Police were on standby as Houston was overwhelmed with traffic. Families from all around Houston, including my own, rented AirBnBs in Waco and made a whole weekend out of the eclipse. Eclipse glasses were passed around eagerly, allowing everyone to safely witness the celestial spectacle.

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