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Heaven or Hell’s Kitchen?

The lavish exterior of Chef Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen.
The lavish exterior of Chef Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen.

As I walked through the gates of Hell, sweat dripped from my palms in anticipation. I felt lightheaded, but my rumbling stomach encouraged me to keep moving forward. Dark red lighting flooded my peripheral vision. Like a ghost, a hologram figure of world-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay appeared on the wall. I couldn’t hear what he was saying over the whisper of hundreds of hungry customers. However, looking into Ramsay’s eyes, I knew my meal at Hell’s Kitchen would be one to remember. 

The views from our table were breathtaking. My sister, Zoey Hess, describes the restaurant’s ambiance as “scenery for Las Vegas royalty.” Surrounded by colossal windows, Hell’s Kitchen offers customers a front-row seat to electric Las Vegas nightlife. The flashing casino lights only built up my excitement as I perused the restaurant’s leather menu. 

I split the grilled chicken Caesar salad with my dad as an appetizer, and it was no disappointment. The lettuce was crisp enough for the dressing to percolate into the leaves without making the texture soggy. The croutons provided the perfect crunch and paired nicely with the sliced chicken. I was pleased with the serving size as it was plenty to share, and if I ever have the pleasure of returning to Hell’s Kitchen, I will definitely order this appetizer again. 

Chef Ramsay’s most well-known menu item is the Beef Wellington; after tasting a bite of that masterpiece, it is easy to see why. The dish consists of a beef filet wrapped in layers of puff pastry, prosciutto, and a mushroom mixture. The fusion of these diverse flavors initially seemed overwhelming, but going to Hell’s Kitchen without trying the Beef Wellington would be like going to Paris and ignoring the Eiffel Tower. As I took a bite, I nearly dropped my fork. I entered a state of euphoria as the filet and puff pastry melted in my mouth. 

While my family and I adored the Beef Wellington, the medium rare filet mignon stole the show. Zoey Hess remembers the steak as “rich and juicy in flavor. I could feel every seasoning swirl on my tongue.” Cutting into the filet was like unwrapping the keys to a car on your Sweet 16. It was incredible. When my tastebuds came into contact with my first piece, I concluded why this restaurant earned its name. The restaurant was hellacious because it made me realize that I would never feel the same satisfaction from a meal again in my life. Nothing will ever compare to the impeccable taste of Ramsay’s filet mignon. 

Going to Hell’s Kitchen was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Asking if it is worth dining at Hell’s Kitchen is “like asking if it is worth standing in line to see the Mona Lisa. The answer is absolutely,” shares Zoey Hess. While the menu items are expensive, and it can take over six months to get a reservation, my experience at Hell’s Kitchen was priceless. I am proud to write that I walked out of the gates of Hell with a full stomach and an unforgettable smile on my face.

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Juliette Hess
Juliette Hess, Reporter
Juliette Hess is a junior at the Emery/Weiner school, and this is her first year writing for The 9825. Juliette serves on the board of several clubs at Emery/Weiner including SGA (Student Government Association) as the director of technology/communications, NHS (National Honors Society) as parliamentarian, BFC (Baking for Charity) as secretary, and TKO (Tikkun Olam Club) as a board member. Along with clubs, Juliette loves showing her school spirit as the Emery mascot, Jeremiah the Jaguar, at Varsity Football games.

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