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Dune: Part Two – Villeneuve’s Cinematic Adventure Continues


Dune: Part Two has arrived, picking up the threads of its epic narrative from where Dune: Part One left the fans eagerly waiting for more. Directed by Dennis Villeneuve, the highly anticipated sequel continues its adaptation from the original 1965 book by Frank Herbert and the 1984 film Dune.  I have never felt anything for science fiction, but after Dune, call me #1 Sci-Fi fan. 

Villeneuve has a history of cinematic storytelling with films like Arrival (2016), Bladerunner (2017), Sicario (2015), and Prisoners (2013). Dune: Part Two interestingly features many different planets throughout the film, one being Arakkis, which is the main stage. The coveted ‘spice’, necessary for space travel in the Dune Universe, is located on Arakkis, so naturally, everyone wants to travel there to harvest it. 

Another planet with interesting features is Geidi Prime, which is home to House Harkonnen. The camera shots depicting Geidi Prime employed infrared lighting, which made the planet look very unnatural, causing the Harkonnens whose distinct features were scary, to look even creepier. 

Between the amazing music from Hans Zimmer, who has composed the soundtracks for many impressive films and the intricately designed costumes and sets, Dune: Part Two is a technical marvel. The film seamlessly blends cutting-edge CGI that is unnoticeable to the average viewer to create a stunning experience, especially while watching on the big screen. 

One of Dune: Part Two’s other strengths is its amazing cast and impressive character development, which continues from the first movie. Timothee Chalamet continues to impress the fans in his role as Paul Atreides, who navigates being a highborn son into becoming the ‘messiah’ to the Fremen people. Rebecca Ferguson, Paul’s mother in the film, delivers a standout performance. Other notable cast members include Zendaya, Austin Butler, Oscar Isaac, and Javier Bardem. 

Dune: Part Two proves that sequels can be worlds better than the original. With its developed characters, breathtaking visuals, and stimulating themes, Dune: Part Two is a film that transports viewers into the realm of Dune, and if you get the chance to see it, you definitely should!

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Evan Melman, Reporter
Evan Melman, Reporter. Evan Melman is a senior at the Emery/Weiner School and this is his second year writing for The 9825 and his first year as a reporter. Evan is actively involved in the Emery/Weiner student ambassador program and is a member of Emery’s RC (Rock Climbing) and Cinema club. In addition, Evan enjoys reading and hanging out with friends and family. 

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